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Urban Planning and Regeneration

We create space for new spaces. 

The current challenges in urban spaces require an integrated approach that also allows you to maximise its economic potential and integrate the urban, social and environmental components.

Strategic consultancy in town planning and territorial ordinance is the key to creating and developing new projects.


  • We conduct due diligences in the area of town planning, particularly regarding new works or urban rehabilitation
  • We describe the urban framework of the real-estate assets / portfolios and identify the respective risks, limitations and development potentials
  • We assess and follow urban management processes with the various public authorities under the scope of land subdivision and building works
  • We accompany consultation processes between individuals and public authorities regarding town planning and territorial ordinance
  • We provide advice on drawing up, altering and revising territorial management rules
  • We support public and private entities during periods of public participation regarding planning rule proposals
  • We define real-estate and tourist concepts and products
  • We set up investment operations
  • We provide advice on the prior control procedures for town planning operations and the use of buildings from municipalities and central government entities
  • We coordinate projects, under the scope of private and public-private operations
  • We give all kinds of technical advice, to legal service providers, except for legal services

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