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We began about 20 years ago and have covered all the phases of the real estate market with the mission to improve every different area. As a One Stop Advisor, we have a multi-disciplinary team with all the tools to attract investment and present the best solutions and strategies to ensure the best results.  

Our vision and approach always follow the best practice, making us the first real estate consultants in Portugal to be regulated by RICS.  Our positioning has allowed us to create important alliances that open the Portuguese market to large, prestigious players on the global market. 

As a result, we are a benchmark for clients who are looking for the best partner/advisor.

At a time when the market is growing, it is essential to have someone that knows how to intervene in all phases of the real estate cycle. Over the coming years, we promise to stay at the forefront of the real estate market in Portugal.


Pedro Rutkowski

Pedro Rutkowski


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